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  • 1.高剛性




    1. The bed is a rigid structure with a rigid structure. The main shaft and the Z-axis are located in the middle of the bed, which effectively reduces the influence of the thermal clamping position on the position accuracy.

    2. HT300 material, its high strength, good wear resistance, excellent overall design, excellent shock absorption effect.

  • 2.導軌





    1. Extend the scraping technology and super-fine grinding process of the Japanese village of Bukchon for centuries, and configure the automatic lubrication system to ensure long-term high precision and high stability of the machine.

    2. Using the dovetail rail structure, HT300 material, its high strength, good wear resistance, excellent overall design, excellent shock absorption effect.

    3. Hard rail structure, the contact surface is subjected to scraping treatment, the number of scraping points per square inch is generally 12-14, so that the rigidity is obviously improved.

    4. The Z-axis adopts the double-mount type sliding guide rail, which can fully satisfy the automatic processing with high rigidity and large processing range.

    1 [原始大小].jpg

    X軸導軌X-axis guide


    Z軸導軌Z-axis guide

  • 3.Y軸驅動動力刀具


    Y軸驅動動力刀具 Y-axis drive power tool


    電機功率:750W          Motor power: 750W

    最高轉速:6000r/min      Maximum speed: 6000r/min

    Y軸快進速度:15m/min      Y-axis fast forward speed: 15m/min

    Y軸行程:95mm          Y-axis travel: 95mm

    最大安裝動力刀具數量:3把  Maximum installed power tools: 3

    彈簧夾頭規格:ER16       Spring collet specification: ER16


    The power tool is fed in the Y-axis direction, which can realize three-axis joint machining such as radial surface machining, hole machining, slotting, milling and profile machining of the workpiece end face, and has the power tool rigid tapping function (special). The turning and milling composite machining of the lathe lathe is realized.

  • 4.高精度主軸

    6 (1).png




    1. Shaft core: It uses unique spindle material, after multiple heat treatment and fine processing,, with stronger impact resistance and wear resistance. .

    2. Bearing: the use of imported brand high-precision ball bearings, using P4 level, lifetime maintenance-free.

    3. Waterproof: use imported advanced waterproof ring.

    6 (2).png


    5、特殊配置可選用內置電主軸, 內置電機主軸Ф30規格主軸轉速8000rpm,采用油熱交換器冷卻,保證了主軸的高速高精度。適合于對精度、光潔度要求較高的工件加工,極大提高了生產效率。

    4. Optional power distribution spindle, cooled by oil cooler to ensure high precision.

    5. Special configuration can be selected with built-in electric spindle, built-in motor spindle Ф 30 specifications spindle speed 8000rpm, using oil heat exchanger cooling, to ensure the high speed and high precision of the spindle. It is suitable for workpiece processing with high precision and smoothness, which greatly improves production efficiency.

  • 5.操作系統 FANUC Oi-TF


    1. 高速高精度剛性攻絲。

    2. 復合加工循環,能簡化車床編程。

    3. 圓柱插補功能,能夠按照圓柱表面的展開圖進行編程。

    4. 直接尺寸編程,能簡化部件加工程序的編程。

    5. 記憶型螺距誤差補償,可對絲杠螺距誤差等機械系統中的誤差進行補償,補償數據以參數的形式存儲在CNC的存儲器中。

    6. CNC內裝PMC編程功能,對機床和外部設備進行程序控制。

    7. 隨機存儲模塊,可在CNC上直接改變PMC程序和宏執行器程序。

    FANUC operating system

    1. High speed and high precision rigid tapping.

    2. Composite machining cycle that simplifies lathe programming.

    3. Cylindrical interpolation function, which can be programmed according to the developed view of the cylindrical surface.

    4. Direct size programming simplifies the programming of part program.

    5. Memory pitch error compensation can compensate the error in mechanical system such as screw pitch error. The compensation data is stored in the memory of CNC in the form of parameters.

    6. The CNC has built-in PMC programming function to control the machine and external equipment.

    7. Random memory module, which can directly change the PMC program and macro executor program on the CNC.

  • 6.燕尾式特制刀具座底板



    Adopt the same measurement with 20G design, can use the 20 Gang type standard tool holders, it increased the tools quantity the maximum can install 9 tools.

  • 7.多樣的自動夾具開閉及夾緊裝置選擇





    Hydraulic rotary cylinder:

    1. The process is stable and easy to absorb shock and vibration.

    2, the clamping force is large, easy to achieve stepless speed regulation, the speed range is large.

    3. The imported hydraulic station has reliable pressure retention, high efficiency and simple structure.


    液壓回轉缸Hydraulic rotary cylinder

    8.液壓發生裝置 ( 4L ).jpg

    液壓站Hydraulic station





    Pneumatic rotary cylinder:

    1. Simple operation, easy and automatic.

    2. Fast response and improve production efficiency.

    3, optional chuck clamping method, accurate clamping, large clamping range.


    氣動回轉缸Pneumatic rotary cylinder

  • 8.排屑器



    The iron scraps produced by the parts are automatically discharged out of the machine and are suitable for automatic machining and large chips.

  • 9.切削油裝置



    It is used to store the coolant and is equipped with a cooling pump to achieve circulation of the coolant circuit.

  • 10.油霧收集裝置



    Reduce pollution and improve the working environment.

  • 11.高壓內冷卻裝置



    It can effectively cool lubrication and improve efficiency to ensure product quality.

  • 12.夾緊檢測裝置



    High-precision sensor detection is sensitive, ensuring good clamping and improving production quality.




50G參數  50G Parameter

50G(帶Y軸)參數   50G  (with Y axis)Parameter

加工能力 Capacity

床身上最大回轉直徑Swing over bed


刀座底板上回轉直徑Swing over cross slide


最大加工直徑Max. machining diameter


最大加工長度Max. machining length


主軸  Spindle

主軸速度Spindle speed


內置電主軸規格主軸轉速(特配)Built-in motorized spindle speed (Optional Accessories)


主軸通孔直徑Through hole diameter


回轉速度變換Number of speed ranges


主軸中心高度Height from floor to spindle center


快進速度  Rapidly travel

X軸快進速度X-axis rapid traverse


Z軸快進速度Z-axis rapid traverse


Y軸快進速度Y-axis rapid traverse



行程   Stroke

X軸行程X-axis travel


Z軸行程Z-axis travel


Y軸行程Y-axis travel



電機 Motors

主軸電機Spindle servo motor

3.7/5.5 KW

進給軸(X/Y)軸電機Feed servo motors


進給軸Z軸電機Feed servo motors


Y軸動力刀 Y-axis drive power tool

動力刀最高轉速drive power tool maximum speed



動力刀電機功率Motor power tool installation number



最大安裝動力刀數   Maximum power tool installation number



動力刀彈簧夾頭規格Spring collet specification



其它   Etc.

總電氣容量Required electric power


機床尺寸(長×寬×高)Floor space


機床重量Mass of machine



控制系統 Control unit


控制軸數 Controlled axis

同時控制2軸(X/Z),手動1軸Simultaneously controllable 2axis, 1axis in manual mode

輸入方式Input system

MDI鍵入、絕對/增量值同時并用   MDI keyboard input、combined use of absolute/incremental programming

程序記憶容量Part program storage length


插補功能Interpolation function

直線、錐面、圓弧、車螺紋   Linear interpolation、pyramidal interpolati Circular interpolation、threading interpolation

最小設定單位Minimum Setting

X:0.0001mm(直徑dia.)            Z:0.0001mm

最小移動單位Minimum Travel Setting

X:0.0005mm       Z:0.001mm

切削進給速度Feed rate


刀具補償設定Tool offset


輔助機能Auxiliary functions


停頓時間Dwell time


工進倍率Feed rate override


快進倍率Rapid traverse override


輸入輸出接口Input/Output interface


顯示語言Display language

中文、英語、日語     Chinese、English、Japanese


單一固定循環循環功能(G90,G92,G94)Canned cycles

異常負荷檢出功能  Unexpected disturbance torque detection

英制/公制轉換Inch/metric conversion

可編程數據輸入   Programmable data input

復合型固定循環功能(G70-G76)Multiple repetitive cycles

第二輔助功能(B代碼)  Custom macro B

加工時間,加工數量表示Run hour and parts count display

恒表面切削速度控制   Constant surface speed control

鉆孔固定循環(G80-G89)Canned cycles for drilling

圖紙尺寸直接輸入  Direct Drawing dimension programming

極坐標補償(G12.1、G13.1) Polar coordinate interpolation

刀尖半徑補償    Tool nose radius compensation

圓柱補償(G07.1)Cylindrical interpolation

螺紋加工回退    Threading retract

背景編輯Background editing

顯示軟盤程序目錄    Directory display of floppy cassette

變螺距螺紋車削(G34)Thread Cutting

工件坐標系(G52-G59)Workpiece coordinate interpolation

圖形顯示Graphic function

追加宏指令變量   Additional of custom macro common variables

宏指令Custom macro

順序號搜索  Sequence number search

擴充程序編輯Extended part program editing


Specifications subject to change without notice for improvements and modifications





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